Single Host, Single Container Deployment

The single host, single container deployment is a quick way to try out Couchbase Server on your machine with no installation overhead. You only have to download and run.

For the single host single container scenario, any networking configuration will work. The only real requirement is that port 8091 be exposed so that you can access the Couchbase Web Console.

docker 01
Start the container
docker run -d -v ~/couchbase:/opt/couchbase/var -p 8091:8091 couchbase/server
Verify container start

The docker run command above will return a container ID, for example, 1163fd8df. Use the container ID to view the logs:

$ docker logs 1163fd8df
Starting Couchbase Server -- Web UI available at http://<ip>:8091
Connect to the Couchbase Web Console

From the host, connect your browser to http://localhost:8091, and you should see the Couchbase Server welcome screen.

  • Click Setup.

  • For all Setup Wizard screens, leave all values as default and click Next.

    After finishing the Setup Wizard, you should see the following screen:

    docker 02
Connect via SDK

At this point, you are ready to connect to your Couchbase Server node from one of the Couchbase Client SDKs. You should run the SDK on the host and point it to http://localhost:8091/pools.