Testing with cbworkloadgen

The command cbworkloadgen is a basic tool used to check the availability and connectivity of the Couchbase Server cluster.

The command cbworkloadgen executes a number of different operations to provide basic testing functionality for Couchbase Server. It does not provide performance or workload testing.

To test a Couchbase Server installation using the command cbworkloadgen, execute the command supplying the IP address of the running node:

> cbworkloadgen -n localhost:8091
Thread 0 - average set time : 0.0257480939229 seconds , min : 0.00325512886047 seconds , max : 0.0705931186676 seconds , operation timeouts 0

The progress and activity of the tool can also be monitored within the Couchbase Web Console.

For a longer test you can increase the number of iterations:

> cbworkloadgen -n localhost:8091 --max-items=100000