Installing as non-root, non-sudo

Installation on Ubuntu as non-root, non-sudo user is used is used only for development purposes.
This installation method is intended only for development purposes and is not supported in production.

Only 64 bit systems are supported.

A non-root, non-sudo installation will run Couchbase Server and all Couchbase Server command-line tools.

  1. After downloading the Couchbase Server DEB package, go to the directory where it is located and extract it:

    dpkg-deb -x couchbase-server-version.deb $HOME

    In the directory where you extracted the files, you will see /opt and /etc subdirectories.

  2. After you extract the Couchbase Server installation files, go to the subdirectory:

     cd opt/couchbase
  3. Run the following script to relocate the Couchbase Server installation to the present working directory (PWD):

    ./bin/install/ `pwd`

    This allows you to continue the installation as a non-root, non-sudo user.

  4. To run the server use

    ./bin/couchbase-server -- -noinput -detached
  5. To stop the server use

    ./bin/couchbase-server -k