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Upgrade Strategies

Upgrade a Couchbase Server cluster in a manner that is best suited to your operations.

The following upgrade strategies are available:

  • Standard online upgrade

  • Swap rebalance online upgrade

  • Offline upgrade

  • Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR)

Both the online and offline upgrade processes have trade-offs. The following table illustrates some important aspects of the two upgrade strategies.

Table 1. Differences between online and offline upgrades
Feature Online upgrade Offline upgrade

Applications remain available



Cluster stays in operation



Cluster must be shut down



Typically required steps

Rebalance, upgrade, rebalance per node

All cluster nodes are upgraded at once.

Mac OSX does not support a direct upgrade. When upgrading on this platform, first back up your data and perform a clean uninstall of the old version. Once you install the new version, restore the data back to the new cluster.