Unattended Installation

An unattended installation uses a script to install Couchbase Server.

To use the unattended installation process:

  1. Record your installation settings in the wizard installation. These settings are saved to a file, which is used to silently install other nodes of the same version.

    1. Open a Command Terminal or Power and start the installation executable with the /r command-line option:

      > couchbase_server_version.exe /r /f1your_file_name.iss
    2. Provide your installation options when prompted. The wizard completes the server installation and provides a file with your recorded options at C:\Windows\your_file_name.iss.

      Accept an increase in MaxUserPort (recommended).
  2. Copy the your_file_name.iss file into the same directory as the installer executable. Run the installer from the command-line using the /s option:

    > couchbase_server_version.exe /s -f1your_file_name.iss
  3. To repeat this process on multiple machines, copy the installation package and the your_file_name.iss file to the same directory on each machine.