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Changing bucket authentication

To change bucket authentication use the POST /pools/default/buckets/acache HTTP method and URI with the authType parameter.


Changing a bucket from port-based authentication to SASL authentication is achieved by changing the active bucket configuration. When changing the active bucket configuration, specify the existing configuration parameters, and the changed authentication parameters.

The default bucket cannot have authentication added — any attempt to change it will be ignored — this is why it is recommended to remove it from production machines.

HTTP method and URI

POST /pools/default/buckets/acache


  • authType - Values type includes sasl or none. Default: none


Curl request syntax:

curl -X POST -u [admin]:[password]
 -d authType=[none | sasl]
 -d saslPassword=[password]
 -d ramQuotaMB=[value]


Curl request example:

curl -X POST -u Administrator:password \
 -d 'authType=sasl' \
 -d 'saslPassword=letmein' \
 -d 'ramQuotaMB=130' \