Troubleshooting LDAP Settings

What can go wrong with the LDAP setup?

After you set up the LDAP server, saslauthd, and LDAP administrators, some issues might remain such as:

  • Firewall ports are not open for LDAP.

  • The Proxy did not start or has started with an inappropriate protocol or hostname.

  • The configuration of saslauthd is incorrect (look at /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd or /etc/saslauthd.conf)

  • The LDAP filters are not correct.

  • You can also encounter error messages from the system. These errors belong either to issues caused by saslauthd or the LDAP server.

Common Error Messages

Errors caused by saslauthd
      "dial unix /var/run.sasl2/mux: no such file or directory"

Possible reason for the error: no LDAP server was installed.

  • Before installing the server again, you can try to resolve the issue by creating a symbolic link as follows:

    ln -s /var/run/saslauthd/ /var/run/sasl2
  • If the suggested solution doesn’t work, install the server and test it again.

      "dial unix /var/run/saslauthd/mux: permission denied"

+ To fix this problem, chmod 755 to the directory to give access.

Errors caused by LDAP server

Look at the external LDAP server logs to find the cause.