Update Product Notifications

Notifications function allows the client to determine whether a newer version of Couchbase Server is available.

During installation, you can choose to enable the Update Notification function.

You can also enable or disable Update Notifications by checking the Enable software update notifications check box. If update notifications are disabled, then the Update Notifications screen only notifies you of your currently installed version, and no alert is provided.

settings notifications

If you enable the update notifications by selecting the Enable software update notifications check box, the Couchbase Web Console communicates with Couchbase Server to confirm the version number of your Couchbase Cluster. During this process, the client also submits the following information back to Couchbase Server:

  • The current version of your Couchbase Server installation.

  • Basic information about the data size and performance.

  • The configuration of your Couchbase cluster such as which features are used.

This information is used to help Couchbase prioritize development efforts.

The update notification communication to Couchbase occurs in the browser accessing the web console, not from the Couchbase cluster itself. No further configuration or internet access is required in the Couchbase Server to enable this functionality. The update notification process works anonymously, and the data cannot be tracked. Identifiable information such as bucket names, bucket data, design document names and hostnames are not transmitted.

If an update is available, the notification will look like the following in the Couchbase Web Console:

settings update
If the browser or the machine you are using to connect to your Couchbase Server Web Console does not have Internet access, the update notification system does not work.