Bucket Flush with XDCR

The flush operation deletes data on a local bucket.

XDCR does not replicate flush requests to delete the entire content of the Couchbase bucket. The flush option is disabled if an active outbound replica stream is configured.

If the Couchbase bucket needs to be flushed either on the source or on the destination of an XDCR replication, use the following operation sequence:

  1. Delete the XDCR replication.

  2. Flush the Couchbase bucket.

  3. Recreate the XDCR replication.

If the Couchbase bucket needs to be flushed on the source side of an XDCR replication, all replications must be deleted before the flush and recreated afterward.

Deleting and recreating the XDCR replication will reset the replication and resend the data, unless the data has been synchronized.

When replicating to or from the Couchbase bucket, do not flush that bucket on the source or destination cluster. Flushing causes the Couchbase bucket’s state to become temporarily inaccessible and results in a not_found error. This error suspends replication.