Create Cluster Reference

Create a cluster reference.

The cluster reference sets the cluster name, IP or hostname, administrator credentials and encryption.

To create a cluster reference using the Couchbase Web Console:

Go to XDCR  Create Cluster Reference

xdcr createreference

To create the unidirectional replication (from cluster A to cluster B):

  1. Verify that a destination bucket exists in the cluster where you will be replicating.

  2. To check that a destination bucket exists, issue a REST API request using the following syntax, GET HTTP method, and URI path:

    curl GET -u Admin:password http://ip.for.destination.cluster:8091/pools/default/buckets
  3. Navigate to the XDCR section, XDCR  Remote Cluster section  Create Cluster Reference

  4. Click the Create Cluster Reference button.

  5. Provide the following information for identifying and accessing the destination cluster.

    • Cluster Name

    • IP address or hostname of a node in the destination cluster

    • Administrator username and password for the destination cluster

    • Enable Encryption - If selected, XDCR data encryption occurs using SSL.

  6. Click Save to store the new reference to the destination cluster. This cluster information is now available when configuring replication for the source cluster.