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cbbackupmgr compact


cbbackupmgr-compact - Compacts a backup to free disk space


cbbackupmgr compact [--archive <archive_dir>] [--repo <repo_name>] [--backup <backup_name>]


Compacts a backup in a backup repository in order to free up disk space. Should be run on each backup after it completes. The amount of freed disk space is displayed when the compaction completes.


Below are a list of parameters for the compact command.


--archive <archive_dir>

  • The location of the archive directory.

--repo <repo_name>

  • The name of the backup repository where the backup to be compacted is located.

--backup <backup_name>

  • The name of the backup to compact.


The compact command is used to compact backups in order to free disk space and should be run after each backup. Below is an example of how to run the compaction command. The /data/backup directory is used as the archive directory and the backup repository is named "example".

$ cbbackupmgr config --archive=/data/backup --repo=example

$ cbbackupmgr backup --archive /data/backup --repo example \
--host --username Administrator --password password

$ cbbackupmgr list --archive /data/backup
Size      Items          Name
91.52MB   -              /
91.52MB   -              + example
91.52MB   -                  + 2016-02-12T12_45_33.329408761-08_00
91.52MB   -                      + travel-sample
322B      0                          bucket-config.json
91.51MB   31569                      + data
91.51MB   31569                          shard_0.fdb
2B        0                          full-text.json
10.00KB   8                          gsi.json
1.72KB    1                          views.json

$ cbbackupmgr compact --archive /data/backup --repo example \
--backup 2016-02-12T12_45_33.329408761-08_00

Compaction succeeded, 58589184 bytes freed


The compact command can be run after a backup to reclaim any fragmented disk space in the backup data files. It should be noted however that compaction may be run during the backup itself if the fragmentation in the data file begins to grow too big. Although the compaction can run during the backup it is not guaranteed to be run once the backup has completed, hence the reason for the compact command.

Environment And Configuration Variables




  • The compact command will compact all shard-*.fdb files in the backup specified by the compact command.