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Set the setting for Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR).


The basic syntax is:

couchbase-cli setting-xdcr -c [host]:8091 -u [admin] -p [password] [options]


Use this command to set various options for XDCR. See Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR).


The following are the command options:

Table 1. setting-xdcr options
Options Description


The intervals between checkpoints, 60 to 14400 seconds.


Doc batch size, 500 to 10000.


Document batching size, 10 to 100000 KB.


The interval for restarting a failed XDCR, 1 to 300 seconds.


Document body size threshold (bytes) to trigger an optimistic replication.


The number of source nozzles per source node.


The number of outgoing nozzles per target node.


Logging level.


The interval (in milliseconds) for statistics updates.


Set the interval for restarting a failed XDCR to 30 seconds:

couchbase-cli setting-xdcr -c -u Administrator -p password \
--failure-restart-interval 200