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Flush a Bucket

Full, Cluster, and Bucket Administrators can use the Flush button to start bucket flushing and delete every object in a bucket.

Flushing will work only if this option was configured either during the initial bucket setup or after the bucket settings have been changed.

It is recommended that the flush capability is not used in production systems as it irreversibly deletes every document in the bucket. Even for use cases where this is the desired behaviour, flushing is not recommended as it is a very disruptive process. You can control and limit the ability to flush individual buckets by setting the flushEnabled parameter on a bucket in the Couchbase Web Console.
  1. Go to the Data Buckets tab and click the blue triangle next to the bucket name.

  2. Click on the Flush button.

    bucket flush data
  3. The warning message will appear before you flush the bucket.

    flushing error
  4. Click the Flush button to start flushing.

You can also use the commands the CLI command bucket-flush and REST API rest-bucket-flush.