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Change Bucket Settings

Full, Cluster and Bucket Administrators can edit bucket settings using the Change Bucket Settings option.

The settings in this dialog are all covered in more detail in Create a New Bucket.

After a bucket has been created, the following settings can be altered:

  • Per Node RAM Quota - The amount of RAM allocated per-node to this bucket. If lowering this setting, the provided value can’t be lower than the amount of memory currently used by the bucket on any of the nodes in your cluster. This setting takes effect immediately.

  • Cache Ejection Policy - The ejection policy used by a bucket, the two different policies are discussed in Tunable Memory with Ejection Policy.

    Changing the ejection policy will invoke a bucket restart, resulting in temporary inaccessibility of data while the bucket warms up.
  • Access Control - The authentication policy used by a bucket, if changing this setting you should ensure that all client applications are aware of the new authentication credentials.

  • Number of Replicas - The replication factor of a bucket can be changed at any time, although a rebalance will be required after changing this setting to redistribute the correct number of replica items across the cluster.

  • Disk I/O Optimization - The I/O workload priority of a bucket can be changed at any time after the bucket has been created.

    Changing the I/O priority will invoke a bucket restart, resulting in temporary inaccessibility of data while the bucket warms up.
  • Auto-compaction Parameters - The auto-compaction settings to override the cluster-wide settings as discussed in Auto-compaction Settings.

  • Flush - This setting enables or disables the Flush command for this bucket, this can be changed at any time.

There are some settings that cannot be changed after bucket creation:

  • Bucket Name - Once created, the bucket name cannot be changed.

  • Bucket Type - Once a memcached or couchbase bucket has been created, its type cannot be changed.

  • View index replicas - View index replicas cannot be enabled/disabled once a bucket has been created.

To edit the bucket settings:

  1. Under Data Buckets, click the blue triangle preceding the bucket name.

  2. Click on the Edit button.

    bucket settings edit

    The Configure Bucket dialog offers the same options as the Create a New Bucket dialog.

You can also change bucket settings using the CLI command bucket-edit or the bucket REST api.