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Installing on Windows

    Installation using a package management system on Windows.

    This installation guide only supports 64-bit systems. See Supported platforms for the complete list of platforms supported by Couchbase Server.


    To install Couchbase Server on Windows, you need to perform following prerequisites:

    1. Make sure that you have no anti-virus software running on the machine before you start the installation process.

    2. Verify that you have administrator privileges using a local system account on the machine where you are performing the installation.

    3. By default, on Windows the TCP/IP has default number of ports available for client communication.

      You need to follow the information provided in Avoiding TCP/IP Port Exhaustion to adjust the configuration and increase the number of available ports.

    4. By default, the Windows system does not provide an adequate number of ephemeral ports for Couchbase Server clusters. Without the correct number of open ephemeral ports, you can experience errors during rebalance, timeouts on clients, and failed backups.

      The Couchbase Server installer will automatically check for your current port setting and adjust it if needed. See Microsoft KB-196271.

    On Windows earlier than 10 or Server 2016, Windows Updates need to be applied to ensure the universal CRT is installed. For other versions of Windows, see Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows.

    Downloading on Windows Systems

    Download the installation package from the Downloads page.

    Interactive Installation

    To install Couchbase Server on Windows using interactive install wizard follow the steps below:

    1. In Windows Explorer, locate the downloaded couchbase-server-enterprise_version-windows_amd64.msi file, which typically is located in the default Downloads folder. Double click on the executable file.

    2. You will be prompted with the Installation Location screen. You can change the location where the Couchbase Server application is located, which configures the server location and not the location where the persistent data is stored.

    3. Click Yes to continue.

    4. After installation, follow the instructions to setup Couchbase Server.

    Unattended Installation

    To perform an unattended installation, also referred to as silent or headless installation, use the \qn or \quiet options with msiexec executable. Note that for a completely unattended installation, you must run the command from an Administrator command prompt.

    The following command installs Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition on the default directory:

    start /wait msiexec /i couchbase-server-enterprise-version-windows_amd64.msi /qn

    To install to a non-standard directory, use the following command:

    start /wait msiexec /i couchbase-server-enterprise-version-windows_amd64.msi /qn INSTALLDIR=C:\my-install-dir
    If you do not prepend start /wait to the command, msiexec immediately returns control to the command prompt and does not wait for the installation to complete or report any errors. In which case, you may have to wait a minute or two for the actual installation to complete.