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Adding Servers to Server Groups

Servers are added to server groups with the POST /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>/addNode HTTP method and URI.

HTTP method and URI

POST /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>/addNode adds a server to a cluster and assigns it to the specified server group, with the specified services (defaulting to data if not provided).

POST /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>/addNode


curl -X POST -d hostname=<host>:<port> -d services=<kv|index|n1ql|fts> -d user=<administrator> -d password=<password>
  -u <administrator>:<password>


curl -X POST -d hostname= -d services=n1ql%2Cindex \
  -d user=myAdmin -d password=myPassword \
  -u myAdmin:myPassword \ \

The server group’s UUID is in the group information

"name":"Group 2",