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    Data is restored to an operating system that is different from the backup operating system using the cbrestore tool with the rehash=1 option.


    To restore the data to a cluster with a different operating system, connect to the 8091 port, and use the rehash=1 option to rehash the information and distribute the data to the appropriate node within the cluster. rehash=1 rehashes the partition IDs of each item. This is required when transferring data between clusters with a different number of partitions, such as when transferring data from a Mac OS X server to a non-Mac OS X cluster.

    cbrestore backup  -u [username] -p [password]
      -x rehash=1
      --bucket-source [my_bucket]
      --bucket-destination [my_bucket]
    If you backed up multiple buckets from Mac OS X and are restoring to either Linux or Windows, each bucket must be restored individually.


    Couchbase Server on Mac OS X uses a different number of configured vBuckets than Linux and Windows installations. Because of this, restoring to Mac OS X from a Linux or Windows backup or restoring to Linux/Windows from a Mac OS X backup requires the rehash=1 option.

    To backup the data (from any operating system), use the standard cbbackup tool and options.


    To back up data from Mac OS X:

    cbbackup http://[Administrator]:[password]@[mac-hostname]:8091 \

    To back up data from Linux:

    cbbackup [Administrator]:[password]@[linux-hostname]:8091 \