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Changing Bucket Memory Quota

    To increase or decrease bucket memory quota, use the POST /pools/default/buckets/newBucket HTTP method and URI and the ramQuotaMB option.


    A bucket’s ramQuotaMB can be increased and decreased from its current level. However, while increasing will do no harm, decreasing should be done with proper sizing. Decreasing the bucket’s ramQuotaMB lowers the watermark, and some items may be unexpectedly ejected if the ramQuotaMB is set too low.

    There are some known issues with changing the ramQuotaMB for memcached bucket types.
    When changing the active bucket configuration, specify the existing configuration parameters and the changed authentication parameters.


    Curl request syntax:

    curl -X POST -u [admin]:[password]
      -d ramQuotaMB=[value] -d authType=[none | sasl]
      -d proxyPort=[port]


    Curl request example:

    curl -X POST -u Administrator:password \
      -d 'ramQuotaMB=130' \
      -d 'authType=none' \
      -d 'proxyPort=11215' \


    A 202 response indicates that the quota will be changed asynchronously throughout the servers in the cluster.

    HTTP/1.1 202 OK
    Server: Couchbase Server 1.6.0
    Pragma: no-cache
    Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 20:01:37 GMT
    Content-Length: 0
    Cache-Control: no-cache no-store max-age=0

    If the RAM quota is too low, an error and usage summary is returned:

        "errors": {
            "ramQuotaMB": "RAM quota cannot be less than 100 MB"
        "summaries": {
            "hddSummary": {
                "free": 46214973056,
                "otherBuckets": 16839602,
                "otherData": 10095646158,
                "thisUsed": 26456826,
                "total": 56327458816
            "ramSummary": {
                "free": 242221056,
                "nodesCount": 1,
                "otherBuckets": 268435456,
                "perNodeMegs": 25,
                "thisAlloc": 26214400,
                "thisUsed": 33911144,
                "total": 536870912

    Response codes

    202 OK