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Creating Design Documents

    To create a new design document, use the PUT /[bucket-name]/_design/[ddoc-name] HTTP method and URI on the 8092 port.


    Design documents are used to store one or more view definitions. Views can be defined within a design document and uploaded to Couchbase Server.

    Design documents are validated before being created or updated in the system. The validation checks for valid JavaScript and for the use of valid built-in reduce functions. Any validation failure is reported as an error.

    The format of the design document should include all the views defined in the design document, incorporating both the map and reduce functions for each named view.

    When creating a design document, first create a dev design document and views and then check the output of the configured views in your design document. To create a development view, you must explicitly use the dev_ prefix for the design document name.

    HTTP method and URI

    PUT /[bucket-name]/_design/[ddoc-name]

    Request data

    Design document definition (JSON)

    Response data

    Success and stored design document ID

    Authentication required



    Curl request syntax:

    curl -X PUT
      -u [admin]:[password]
      -H "Content-Type: application/json"


    A design document, byfield can be created using a text file (byfield.ddoc ) with the design document content. In this example, the view is a development view. Development view names must have the dev_.

    Curl request example:

    curl -X PUT
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      http://Administrator:password@ \
      -d @byfield.ddoc

    As a PUT command, the URL is also significant,since the location designates the name of the design document. In the example, the URL includes the name of the bucket ( sales ) and the name of the design document being created is dev_byfield.

    In the above example:

    • -X PUT

      Indicates that an HTTP PUT operation is requested.

    • -H "Content-Type: application/json"

      Specifies the HTTP header information. Couchbase Server requires the information to be sent and identified as the application/json datatype. Information not supplied with the content-type set in this manner is rejected.

    • http://user:password@

      Specifies the URL, including the authentication information of the bucket where you want the design document uploaded. The user and password are either the administration privileges or the bucket name and bucket password for SASL protected buckets. If the bucket does not have a password, then authentication information is not required.

    • -d @byfield.ddoc

      Specifies that the data payload should be loaded from the file byfield.ddoc.


    If successful, the HTTP response code is 201 OK (created) and the returned JSON fields are ok and ID.


    The top-level views field lists one or more view definitions, and for each view, a corresponding map() function. For example:

       "views" : {
          "byfield" : {
             "map" : "function (doc, meta) {\n  if (meta.type == \"json\")
             	{\n    emit(doc.city, doc.sales);\n  } else
             	{\n    emit([\"blob\"]);\n  }\n}"

    Response codes

    Response codes Description


    Document created successfully.


    The item requested not available using the supplied authorization or authorization not supplied.

    In the event of an error, the returned JSON includes the field error with a short description and the field reason with a longer description of the problem.