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Getting Server Group Information

    Server group information is retrieved with the GET /pools/default/serverGroups HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    GET /pools/default/serverGroups retrieves information about server groups. Provides group information, "groups": [(<groupInfo>)+], where each server group has unique URIs and UUIDs.

    GET /pools/default/serverGroups


    curl -X GET -u <administrator>:<password>


    curl -X GET -u myAdmin:myPassword \


          "uri": "/pools/default/serverGroups?rev=<integer>",
    Group arguments Description

    "groups": [(<groupInfo>)+]

    Information about server groups.


    Specifies the name of the group. If the group name has a space, for example, Group A, use double quotes (for example, "Group A"). If the name does not have spaces (for example, GroupA) double quotes are not required.


    Specifies the URI path and revision integer.


    Specifies the URI path and UUID string.


    Specifies the URI path and UUID string for adding servers to a server group.

    "nodes": [(<nodeInfo>+)]

    Information about the servers.