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Renaming Server Groups

    Server groups are renamed with the PUT /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid> HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    PUT /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>

    PUT /pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid> renames the server group. Find the UUID for the server group by using GET, add the UUID to the URI path, and specify a new group name. In this example, Group A is renamed to Group B. The UUID for the server group is located in the full URI information for that server group. The UUID remains the same for the server group after changing the name.

    For example, the UUID for Group A is located in the following group information:

    "name":"Group A",


    curl -X PUT -u <administrator>:<password>
      -d name="<newGroupName>"


    curl -X PUT -u myAdmin:myPassword \ \
      246b5de857e100dbfd8b6dee0406420a \
      -d 'name="Group B"'