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Resources Under Access Control

Couchbase Server applies RBAC to a defined set of resources. The Couchbase Full Administrator can assign a role to a defined user; the role being associated with one ore more privileges either on an individual, named resource; or on all resources within a resource-type group.

Access-Controlled Resources

The following Couchbase Server-resources are always access-controlled:

  • Clusters

  • XDCR Cluster References

  • FTS Index Aliases

  • System Catalogs. Including:

    The following diagnostics are provided:

    System Catalogs

    Monitoring Catalogs

    Security Catalogs


    These are only available using REST APIs.
  • Buckets. Note that buckets have three independently access-controllable features, each of which should be considered an individual resource-type:

    • Settings: Includes

      Bucket Type
      Ejection Method
      Conflict Resolution method
      Protocol Port
    • Statistics: Includes ops, gets, sets, and deletes per second. Also includes information on memory-usage, disk-related activity, and status on indexing, querying, and XDCR activity.

    • Data: Includes data and meta-data for all objects within a bucket.

  • XDCR Bucket Replication

  • Indexes. Including Views, Secondary Global Secondary Indexes, and FTS pindexes.