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Install Sample Buckets

    The Sample Buckets tab allows you to install the sample bucket data if it has not already been loaded in the system.
    Remove the default bucket and sample buckets in production. Both types of buckets are created without a password protection and if permissions to such buckets are later assigned to users they will become "orphaned" in case these buckets are deleted.

    Full Administrators and Cluster Administrators can install sample buckets.

    The sample buckets are located in the Couchbase installation directory as .zip files as well. On Linux, the default location would be /opt/couchbase/samples. The sample bucket Zip files can be loaded into the cluster by using the cbdocloadertool. Example:

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbdocloader -n localhost:8091 -u Admin -p Pass -b mybucket -s 100 /opt/couchbase/samples/travel-sample.zip
    settings samples

    To enable the update notifications using the Web Console:

    1. From the Couchbase Web Console > Settings > select the Sample Buckets tab.

    2. Select the sample buckets that you want to load using the check boxes and click Load Sample Data.

      If the sample bucket data has already been loaded, it is listed under the Installed Samples section of the page.