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Request with authentication - request parameter

If a request requires more than one set of credentials, the creds parameter must be used, as in this example.

$ curl -v http://localhost:8093/query/service \
     -d 'statement=SELECT t.text FROM tweets t
     JOIN users u KEY t.uid LIMIT 1
     &creds=[{"user": "local:tweets", "pass": "pAss1"}", {"user": "local:users", "pass": "pAss2"}]'
    < HTTP/1.1 200 OK
         "requestID": "11ed1981-7802-4fc2-acd6-dfcd1c05a288",
         "signature": {
         "text": "json"
         "results": [
         "text": "Couchbase is my favorite database"
         "status": "success",
         "metrics": {
         "elapsedTime": "3.455608ms",
         "executionTime": "3.116241ms",
         "resultCount": 1,
         "resultSize": 65,
         "mutationCount": 0,
         "errorCount": 0,
         "warningCount": 0