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Retrieve GSI Status

    To retrieve GSI status, use GET /getIndexStatus.


    This endpoint returns status on Global Secondary Indexes. The specified IP address should be that of any cluster-node that is running the Index Service; and the specified port must be 9102.

    HTTP Method and URI

    GET http://<host>:9102/getIndexStatus

    Response Codes

    Response Code Description





    Sample Curl Command

    The following example retrieves GSI status from node; which is running the Index Service, at port 9102.

    curl -u Administrator:password -v -X GET

    Sample Response

    200 OK

    The response body contains status on each defined index. See below for a formatted example

    401 Unauthorized

    The body of the response is empty.

    Formatted status for one index contained in the successful response might appear as follows:

        "definition":"CREATE INDEX `def_airportname` ON `travel-sample`(`airportname`) WITH {  \"defer_build\":true }",