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Setting Metadata Ejection

    Bucket ejection from memory is set with POST /pools/default/buckets/default HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    To set the metadata ejection policy, use the evictionPolicy parameter. Default: valueOnly

    POST /pools/default/buckets/default

    Value-only ejection (the default) removes the data from cache but keeps all keys and metadata fields for non-resident items. When the value bucket ejection occurs, the item’s value is reset. Full metadata ejection removes all data including keys, metadata, and key-values from cache for non-resident items. Full metadata ejection reduces RAM requirement for large buckets.

    When editing bucket properties, be sure to specify all bucket properties. If a bucket property is not specified (whether or not you are changing the existing value), Couchbase Server may reset the property to the default. Even if you do not intend to change a certain property, re-specify the existing value to avoid this behavior.


    Curl request syntax:

    curl -u [admin]:[password] -X POST
      -d evictionPolicy=[valueOnly | fullEviction]


    Curl request example:

    curl -u Administrator:password -X POST \ \
      -d 'evictionPolicy=fullEviction'

    Response codes

    "errors": {
          "evictionPolicy": "Eviction policy must be either 'valueOnly' or 'fullEviction'"