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Enabling Couchbase Server Services

    Couchbase Server services are enabled when adding or joining a node to a cluster.


    Adding a node syntax:

    curl -u [admin]:[password]
      -d "hostname=[IPaddress]&user=[admin]&password=[password]"
      -d "services=[data | index | n1ql | fts | cbas | eventing]"

    Joining a node to a cluster:

    curl -u [admin]:[password] -d clusterMemberHostIp=[ip-address]
      -d clusterMemberPort=[port]
      -d user=[admin] -d password=[password]
      -d "services=[data | index | n1ql | fts | cbas | eventing]"


    This command is used to add a node to a cluster and specify the service. If a service is not specified, the default (data) will be added.

    Couchbase Server services can only be enabled via the REST API when adding a server to an existing cluster. To initialized cluster (with the first node) with any Couchbase Server service other than the data service (default), use the Couchbase Web Console.

    When enabling the FTS service, ensure that you set the ftsMemoryQuota parameter as follows:

    curl -X POST -u Administrator:password \ \
      -d 'memoryQuota=256' \
      -d 'indexMemoryQuota=256' \
      -d 'ftsMemoryQuota=512'

    HTTP method and URI

    POST /controller/addNode
    POST /node/controller/doJoinCluster


    Adding a node:

    curl -u Administrator:password \ \
      -d 'hostname=' \
      -d 'services=index'

    Joining a node to a cluster:

    curl -u Administrator:password -d clusterMemberHostIp= \
      -d 'clusterMemberPort=8091' \
      -d 'user=admin' -d 'password=password' \ \
      -d 'services=index'