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Security Best Practices

    Best practices should be observed at all times, in order to ensure the security of Couchbase Server itself, the media it uses for data-persistence, the internal and external networks on which it resides, and the applications that query it.

    Securing Couchbase Server

    Security must be enforced — in order to protect data from being stolen, eavesdropped upon, or corrupted — throughout the entire Couchbase Server-environment: this environment includes the internal memory, processing, and storage-facilities of individual server-nodes within a cluster; the network across which the nodes communicate with one another; and the network beyond the cluster-perimeter. Security procedures must be checked constantly; and should be upgraded with frequency.

    Within the Cluster

    On each node of the Couchbase Server-cluster, essential security measures include:

    All are described in detail, in this section.

    Beyond the Cluster

    Security must be maintained: