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Setting Metadata Ejection

    Bucket ejection from memory is set with POST /pools/default/buckets/default HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    To set the metadata ejection policy, use the evictionPolicy parameter. Default: valueOnly

    POST /pools/default/buckets/default

    Value-only ejection (the default) removes the data from cache but keeps all keys and metadata fields for non-resident items. When the value bucket ejection occurs, the item’s value is reset. Full metadata ejection removes all data including keys, metadata, and key-values from cache for non-resident items. Full metadata ejection reduces RAM requirement for large buckets.


    Curl request syntax:

    curl -u [admin]:[password] -X POST
      -d evictionPolicy=[valueOnly | fullEviction]


    Curl request example:

    curl -u Administrator:password -X POST \ \
      -d 'evictionPolicy=fullEviction'

    Response codes

    "errors": {
          "evictionPolicy": "Eviction policy must be either 'valueOnly' or 'fullEviction'"