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    Provides information on scopes.


    cbstats host:11210 [common options] scopes


    This command is used to collect information on scopes.


    There are no options specific to this command. For common cbstats options, see cbstats.


    The following command retrieves scopes-related information on an existing bucket named testBucket:

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats -u Administrator -p password \
    -b testBucket localhost:11210 scopes

    The output is as follows:

    manifest:scopes:                 2
    manifest:scopes:0x0:collections: 2
    manifest:scopes:0x0:name:        _default
    manifest:scopes:0x8:collections: 2
    manifest:scopes:0x8:name:        my_scope
    manifest:uid:                    4

    The output identifies the _default scope as 0x0, and indicates that this contains 2 collections. The output also indicates that one additional scope exists, which is my_scope, identified as 0x8, and specified itself also to contain 2 collections.

    See Also

    For a step-by-step explanation of creating scopes and collections with the CLI, see Manage Collections with the CLI. For a comparable explanation with the REST API, see Manage Collections with the REST API.

    To use cbstats to provide further details on scopes, see the reference page for the scopes-details command.