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Function: Basic Binary KV


    Goal: Show Basic Bucket Op Binary Write and Read.

    • This function basicBinaryKV demonstrates creating, marshalling and unmarshalling binary docs.

    • Requires a metadata bucket and a source bucket aliased to "src_bkt" in mode read+write.

    • Will operate on any mutation where the KEY or meta.id starts with "basicbinarykv".

    • The function will create one binary document and write it then read it back.

    • The document written will be read back and verified demonstrating binary marshalling and unmarshalling.

    • On a second deployment the binary doc that was written on the first deployment will cause a mutation.

    • basicBinaryKV

    • Input Data/Mutation

    • Output Data/Logged

    // Deploy UnDeploy and re-Deploy a second time to excercise this function.
    function OnUpdate(doc, meta) {
        if (meta.id === "bindoc_kvput") {
            // if we deploy/undeploy/deploy we will see the document we created on the first deploy
            // Note that meta.datatype === "binary" on this mutation.
            log ("4. received binary mutation",doc,"unmarshalled ("+new Uint8Array(doc)+") meta:",meta);
            log ("5. deleting the binary doc with KEY 'bindoc_kvput'");
            delete src_bkt["bindoc_kvput"];
        if (!meta.id.startsWith("basicbinarykv") || src_bkt["bindoc_kvput"]) return;
        var arr = new Uint8Array([1, 0, 2, 3]);
        var bindoc = arr.buffer;
        // Write via a Basic Bucket Op, i.e. JavaScript map exposed via a bucket binding.
        // Note the JavaScript map only returns the doc (unlike the mutations received via
        // OnUpate which also has meta) so do not know if we just read a binary doc or text
        src_bkt["bindoc_kvput"] = bindoc;
        log ("1. wrote bindoc",bindoc,"unmarshalled ("+new Uint8Array(bindoc)+")");
        // Read via a Basic Bucket Op, i.e. JavaScript map exposed via a bucket binding
        var retdoc = src_bkt["bindoc_kvput"];
        log ("2. read retdoc",retdoc)
        log ("3. test bindoc("+
            new Uint8Array(bindoc)+") == retdoc("+
            new Uint8Array(retdoc)+") => " + buffersEqual(bindoc,retdoc));
    function buffersEqual(buf1, buf2) {
        if (buf1.byteLength != buf2.byteLength) return false;
        var dv1 = new Uint8Array(buf1);
        var dv2 = new Uint8Array(buf2);
        for (var i = 0; i != buf1.byteLength; i++) {
            if (dv1[i] != dv2[i]) return false;
        return true;
    INPUT: KEY basicbinarykv:1
      "id": 1,
      "type": "basicbinarykv"


    2021-04-10T15:13:14.903-07:00 [INFO] "1. wrote bindoc" {} "unmarshalled (1,0,2,3)"
    2021-04-10T15:13:14.904-07:00 [INFO] "2. read retdoc" {}
    2021-04-10T15:13:14.904-07:00 [INFO] "3. test bindoc(1,0,2,3) == retdoc(1,0,2,3) => true"

    SECOND DEPLOYMENT (note the "datatype" of "binary")

    2021-04-10T15:14:06.581-07:00 [INFO] "4. received binary mutation" {} "unmarshalled (1,0,2,3) meta:"
    2021-04-10T15:14:06.581-07:00 [INFO] "5. deleting the binary with KEY 'bindoc_kvput'"