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Monitor with the UI

    Statistics on Couchbase Server can be monitored; per bucket, per node, per service, and per cluster.

    Understanding Statistics Management

    Couchbase Server provides statistics; which are updated continuously, and so always represent the current state of the cluster. Statistics refer to buckets, nodes, clusters, and services.

    Statistics can be viewed by means of Couchbase Web Console. Users with the Full Admin or Bucket Admin role can assemble statistics as groups of charts, on the Dashboard of Couchbase Web Console. This is visible by default after login; and can at any time be displayed by left-clicking on the Dashboard tab, in the left-hand navigation bar:


    Initially, prior to any definitions having been made, the Dashboard appears as follows:


    From this point, charts can be assembled interactively, and statistics for Couchbase Server and all services thereby monitored. For step-by-step instructions, see Manage Statistics.