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SG release notes

Notable Changes

  • The Design Document definition used internally by Sync Gateway Accelerator has changed which may incur some application downtime during the upgrade. See view indexing.

Deprecation notices

The following features are being deprecated in 1.4 and will be unsupported in an upcoming version (2.x) of Couchbase Mobile.

  • Bucket shadowing is being deprecated in 1.4 and will be unsupported in an upcoming version (2.x) of Couchbase Mobile. The recommended approach to perform operations on the bucket dedicated to Couchbase Mobile is to use the Sync Gateway REST API.

1.4.1 release


  • #2373 Add sample config for SG running with Accel

  • #2428 Avoid document body unmarshalling on changes requests


  • #1518 Data races detected in channel_cache.go

  • #2364 Omit doc during Changes+ logging

  • #2365 Account for unused sequences after CAS retry and subsequent cancel

  • #2427 Data race in trimEncodedRevisionsToAncestor

1.4 release

Performance Improvements

  • #1514 Run long-running performance tests against 1.4


  • #1713 [sg-accel] Use reference counts to track active channels

  • #1925 HTTP basic auth for webhooks

  • #2098 Upgrade build to go 1.7.1

  • #2160 Add log rotation capabilities into Sync Gateway

  • #2255 Update sgcollect_info to collect logs defined logging config

  • #2298 Update sgcollect_info to capture rotated logs


  • #1529 Longpoll _changes request that returns no results, returns invalid sequence number for last_seq

  • #1865 One shot replication of granting access doc can lead to miss documents

  • #1890 Calling db _online when CBS bucket is not available results in ``no such database'' even when CBS bucket is available again

  • #2080 Startup error when config includes unsupported/user_views

  • #2084 Update Windows install folder for sg_accel

  • #2102 Protect against empty doc body in handlePutDoc

  • #2139 Sg_accel packages should use example config from sync-gateway-accel repo

  • #2159 Handle channel removal for coalesced feed updates

  • #2187 SG panic when upgrading keepalive http connection to WebSockets

  • #2212 Channel filtered sg-replicate stops due to channel removals

  • #2270 Starting sync gateway from command line does not always report the right status

Known Issues

  • #2341 Channel_index bucket authentication requires username

Sync Gateway Accelerator Known Issues

  • Sync Gateway Accel does not recover when removing a node from Couchbase Server Cluster: removing a node from the Couchbase Server Cluster can cause Sync Gateway Accel to fail. Restarting the Accel node resolves the issue.

  • Client Rollback Support: when Couchbase Server issues a rollback, Sync Gateway Accel handles that rollback and rolls back the data in the channel index bucket. However, we’re not yet invalidating client sequence/since values that were sent to clients pre-rollback. As a result, clients may miss documents written to sequence values in the rollback window.

  • Add Index Document Inspection REST API: the majority of the index bucket contents are stored as binary documents. Getting a human-readable version of the contents of these documents would be very useful while debugging some types of issues.