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    Automatic conflict resolution

    The process by which conflicts are automatically resolved by the system. Optional feature in Couchbase Lite 2.0 and above.


    Leaf revision

    A Leaf revision is the last Document Revision in a series of changes. Documents may have multiple Leaf Revisions (aka Conflict Revisions) due to concurrent updates.


    No conflicts mode

    No conflicts mode is the process by which write operations that would result in a conflict are rejected by the system. It is an optional feature in Couchbase Lite 2.0 and above and Sync Gateway 2.0 and above.


    Revision pruning

    Revision Pruning is the process that deletes the metadata and/or JSON bodies associated with old non-leaf revisions. Leaf revisions are not impacted.


    Tombstone revision

    A Tombstone Revision is a document revision that contains only the document ID, a revision ID and the _deleted: true key value pair. It acts as the record of a deleted item.

    Tombstone revisions are created to allow all devices to see that a document has been deleted - particularly in the case of devices that may not be online continuously and therefore not syncing regularly.

      "_deleted": true,
      "_id": "foobar",
      "_rev": "3-db962c6d93c3f1720cc7d3b6e50ac9df"

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