Metrics REST API


    Description — Description of the Sync Gateway Metrics Rest API
    Abstract — Use the API explorer to find out more about Sync Gateway’s endpoints by functionality.
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    Developer Preview

    This is a Developer Preview feature, intended for development purposes only; the API is uncommitted. Do not use this feature in production. No Enterprise Support is provided for Developer Preview features.

    Refer to Developer Preview Mode for more information.

    This API is OFF by default. To activate the API you will need to configure it using the metricsInterface setting in the configuration file

    When activated, this API exposes two endpoints:

    • _metrics — which returns Sync Gateway statistics in Prometheus format
      GET host:/4986/_metrics

    • _expvars — which returns the same Sync Gateway statistics in JSON format

    For information on integration with Prometheus — see our blog entry Monitoring Couchbase Sync Gateway with Prometheus and Grafana.

    Example 1. Switch on metrics interface
    "metricsInterface": ""

    API Explorer

    The API explorer below groups all the endpoints by functionality. You can click on a label to expand the list of endpoints and also generate a curl request for each endpoint.