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    Description — Couchbase Sync Gateway — What’s new in the latest release
    Abstract — This content covers the new features and behaviors introduced in Sync Gateway 2.8
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    Release 2.8

    In addition to significant performance and resilience enhancements Sync Gateway 2.8 introduces enhanced support for inter-Sync Gateway replication and a developer preview of metrics API that allows integration with Prometheus/Grafana.

    Inter-Sync Gateway Replication

    Couchbase Sync Gateway’s Inter-Sync Gateway Replicationglossary icon feature supports cloud-to-edgeglossary icon synchronization use cases, where data changes must be synchronized between a centralized cloud cluster and a large number of edge clusters whilst still enforcing fine grained access control. This is an increasingly important enterprise-level requirement.

    Prometheus Monitoring Support (Developer Preview)

    This release gives developers the chance to try-out Couchbase Sync Gateway’s new metrics API, which exposes stats in a Prometheus compatible format. This enables the integration of Sync Gateway’s metrics with one of the most popular monitoring and alerting solutions, without resorting to external data transformation.

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    Fixes and Enhancements

    This release also contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements for Sync Gateway.

    Highlights include the addition of a new OpenID Connect (OIDC) library, which broadens Sync Gateway’s support of OIDC providers. This includes enabling developers to configure token attributes to use as the Sync Gateway user name (username_claim).

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