Signing Up and UI Overview

      Couchbase Capella is a fully managed database-as-a-service that makes it easy to deploy a clustered database.

      Capella allows you to securely deploy, manage, and monitor database clusters through a single user interface.

      This is the first tutorial in the series of "First Timer" tutorials. It guides you through creating your first cluster and using it for storing and accessing data.

      Sign Up for Your Free Trial

      1. Go to

        The sign-up page for the 30-day free trial of Couchbase Capella
      2. Provide your account details. Enter the following information to create your account:

        • Full Name

        • Email Address

        • Password

        • Organization Name

      3. Review, then click the checkbox to accept the Couchbase Capella Services Agreement.

      4. Click Sign Up to create your account.

      5. Verify your email.

        An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm your email address. Once you click the confirmation link, your account will be confirmed and you’ll be able to sign into Couchbase Capella at

      Deploying Your Cluster

      After signing in, you’ll be brought to a Getting Started page.

      1. Select your preferred region for the trial.

      2. Leave the CIDR block to the default.

      3. Click Deploy Now.

      4. You will now be taken to the Getting Started with Your Free Trial page.

      Control Plane UI Overview

      1. Couchbase Capella will proceed with automatically deploying the cluster.

      2. A cluster will generally take under 2 minutes to deploy.


      In the middle section, you will see three sections: Set Up, Access, and Work With Data.

      • Set Up: Provides a link to the Clusters area, the Welcome Video, and this tutorial.

      • Access: Provides links to establishing credentials for external database access and the area for setting up allowed IP addresses.

      • Work With Data: Links to the sample data import tool.

      On the right, you will see three sections: Cluster Status, What’s Next, and Want to Know More?.

      • Cluster Status: Links to where you can see all of your database clusters.

      • What’s Next: Links to many helpful resources and access to the Capella Forum.

      • Want to Know More?: Here, you can contact the Couchbase Team.

      On the left, you will see the main navigation items like Clusters, Projects, and Users.

      Congratulations. You finished this part of the tutorial.