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    Couchbase Lite 2.0 now supports Full Text Search (FTS). FTS is accomplished using the match query. FTS matches are case-insenstive. In the Travel App, the FTS query is against local "travel-sample" documents that is pre-built with the app.

    In order to do FTS queries, an FTS index must be created.

    Open the fileDatabaseManager.swift. We will review the method createDatabaseIndexes(). This code snippet creates an FTS index on the property named description.

    func createDatabaseIndexes() throws{
      // For Full text search on description property of airports and hotels docs
      try _db?.createIndex(IndexBuilder.fullTextIndex(items: FullTextIndexItem.property("description")).ignoreAccents(false), withName: "descFTSIndex")

    Next you will write an FTS query that uses the index.

    Open the fileHotelPresenter.swift. You will review the fetchHotelsFromLocalDatabaseMatchingDescription method.

    fileprivate func fetchHotelsFromLocalDatabaseMatchingDescription( _ descriptionStr:String?,location locationStr:String, handler:@escaping(_ hotels:Hotels?, _ error:Error?)->Void) {

    First, you get an instance of the database.

    guard let db = dbMgr.db else {
        fatalError("db is not initialized at this point!")

    Next, you will create an FTS Expressions using the match() operator. In this particular example, the match expression looks for the desciptionStr value in the description property. This match expression is logically ANDed with an equalTo comparison expression which looks for the location in the country,city,state or address properties. This expression is then used in the where clause of the query the usual way.

    var descExp:ExpressionProtocol?
    if let descriptionStr = descriptionStr , descriptionStr != ""{
      descExp = FullTextExpression.index("descFTSIndex").match(descriptionStr)
    let locationExp = _Property.COUNTRY.like(Expression.string("%\(locationStr)%"))
    var searchExp:Expression = locationExp
    if  let descExp = descExp {
        searchExp = descExp.and(locationExp)
    let hotelSearchQuery = QueryBuilder

    We build the query using the different expressions from above and transform the ResultSet object into a Map object that is passed to the TableView.

    var matches:Hotels = []
    do {
        for (_,row) in try hotelSearchQuery.execute().enumerated() {
            if let dbName = dbMgr.db?.name, let match = row.dictionary(forKey: dbName) {
    catch {

    Try it out

    • Log into the Travel Sample Mobile app as “demo” user and password as “password”

    • Tap on "hotels" button

    • In the description text field enter "`Pets.

    • In the Location text field enter "London"

    • Verify that you see one hotel listed named "Novotel London West"

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