Monitoring App Services

      App Services can be monitored through the Capella UI, or by extracting metrics data using the App Services REST API.

      Accessing Metrics through the Capella UI

      Metrics data for an App Service can be accessed through its configuration screen:

      1. From the project page, select the App Services tab.

      2. Now, click on the Monitoring tab to access the metrics screen.

      You can select the metrics you wish to monitor from the Services list.

      App Service monitoring screen
      Figure 1. App Service monitoring screen.

      You can click on any of the time interval settings: (time interval settings) to set the time-span that the graphs will cover.

      You can examine the underlying data for any point on a graph by moving the mouse pointer over it.

      show underlying data
      Figure 2. Show Underlying data for point on graph.

      Accessing Metrics through the REST API

      The App Service metrics are also accessible through a secure REST API in the Prometheus format.

      Activity Logs and Alerts

      App Service events are written to the Capella-wide View Activity Logs.

      Alerts can also be posted as email messages, by setting up email notifications in your account preferences.

      High-severity alerts will also trigger on Capella UI screens. For example:

      • A large number of data sync errors were reported in the last 5 minutes.

      • A large number of import errors were reported in the last 5 minutes.

      • A large number of access errors were reported in the last 5 minutes

      Use the ACK button to acknowledge the error and clear it from the screen.