Query Service

      The Query Service supports the querying of data using the SQL++ query language.

      The Query Service supports SQL++ to run queries that can extract, define, and manipulate data in Couchbase databases. For more information about SQL++, see n1ql:n1ql-language-reference/index.adoc.

      Using the Query Service

      Like the other Couchbase services, you can deploy the Query Service during database creation or by adding it to an existing database. The Query Service also depends on the Data Service and the Index Service. Every database in Capella has the Data Service, but you need to add the Index Service to your database to use the Query Service. For more information about how these services interact with one another, see Query Service.

      Using a database with the Query Service deployed, you can make SQL++ queries using the Couchbase SDK and the Query Workbench data tool in the Capella UI.