Query Service

      The Query Service supports the querying of data by means of the N1QL query language.

      About the Query Service

      As its primary function, the Query Service enables you to issue queries to extract data from Couchbase clusters. You can also issue queries for data definition (defining indexes) and data manipulation (adding or deleting data).

      The Query Service supports N1QL (pronounced "nickel"), the Couchbase Server query language. For detailed information, refer to the N1QL Lanaguage Reference.

      Using the Query Service

      Like the other Couchbase services, the Query Service can be deployed during cluster creation, or by adding it to an existing cluster. The Query Service depends on both the Index Service and the Data Service. These services must also be deployed on the cluster in order to use the Query Service. (Information about how these services interact with one another can be found in the Couchbase Server documentation.)

      If a cluster has the Query Service deployed, N1QL queries can be issued using the Couchbase SDK and the interactive Query Workbench tool in the Capella UI.