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    Description — Couchbase Lite on Objective-C
    Abstract — This content describes the key features and changes implemented by release 2.8 of Couchbase Lite on Objective-C
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    Release 2.8.0 (October 2020)

    New Features

    Peer-to-Peer Synchronization

    Using Couchbase Lite’s Peer-to-Peer Synchronization solution, you can build offline-first applications on edge devices that directly collaborate in secure bi-directional database synchronization without depending on centralized cloud-based control.

    The solution provides an out-of-the-box implementation of a websocket based listener for use in peer-to-peer applications communicating over in IP-based networks.


    Feature Changes

    None specified in this release

    Other Enhancements

    • CBL-991 — Add Maintenance API.

    • CBL-954 — Return 403 for forbidden listener requests

    API Changes

    The API has been enhanced with the following changes:

    • The CBLDatabase.Close() method now automatically handles stopping open replicators, closing peer-to-peer websocket listener and removing observers for live queries.

    • The CBLDatabase.Delete() method now automatically handles stopping open replicators, closing peer-to-peer websocket listener and removing observers for live queries.

    • The Replicator.isDocumentPending() method checks whether or not the document with the given ID has any pending revisions to push

    • The CBLReplicator.pendingDocumentIDs() method gets the Ids of all documents currently pending push

    • CBLQueryMeta.revisionID property is now available as a metadata property, which can be accessed directly in queries

    Issues and Resolutions

    Known Issues

    • CBL-216 — Ordering null values inconsistent with N1QL expectations

    • CBL-95 — Pending conflicts could be resolved by a wrong replicator

    • CBL-49 — Need a way to distinguish boolean types

    Fixed Issues

    • CBL-1141 — Android cannot use unlinked files

    • CBL-1107 — Properties beginning with dollar sign not handled correctly

    • CBL-1045 — Data race in log rollover

    • CBL-978 — Math errors with float → int implicit fleece conversion

    • CBL-977 — Full text search with Left Outer Join causes fields to be null

    • CBL-859 — ChangeEncryptionKey() and save document after creating a brand new Database throws CouchbaseLiteException (SQLiteDomain / 21): bad parameter or other API misuse.

    • CBL-789 — Crash when accessing connection→name()

    • CBL-745 — Save fails when NSDate inserted with [CBLMutableDocument setData]

    • CBL-707 — Compaction is ineffective (auto_vacuum not enabled)

    • CBL-624 — Revision flags get cleared while saving resolved document in iOS

    • CBL-614 — Closing a read only database causes errors

    • CBL-609 — Fleece thinks a boolean is a Long

    • CBL-594 — Local to Local replication duplicates remote ID

    • CBL-590 — Investigate handling of BLIP 500 errors

    • CBL-578 — Receive rev#1 after rev#2 is saved to DB

    • CBL-565 — Crashes apparently caused by attempting to log after failure

    • CBL-564 — Property alias not working under certain cases

    • CBL-530 — Certain keys in a query can cause segmentation faults

    • CBL-529 — Cannot create an offset query without limit

    • CBL-384 — Platform WebSocket code should manage HTTP cookies

    • CBL-358 — xsockets doesn’t account for POSIX variations

    Support Notices

    This section documents any support-related notes, constraints and changes

    Deprecation Notices

    Items (features and-or functionality) are marked as deprecated when a more current, and usually enhanced, alternative is available.

    Whilst the deprecated item will remain usable, it is no longer supported, and will be removed in a future release. You should plan to move to an alternative, supported, solution as soon as practical.

    This Release

    Support for iOS 9.0 is deprecated in version 2.6.

    Support for macOS 10.9 and 10.10 is deprecated in version 2.5.

    Other Notices


    None specified in this release


    Apple’s macOS is supported ONLY for testing and development purposes.