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CouchbaseLiteError Enumeration

Namespace:  Couchbase.Lite
Assembly:  Couchbase.Lite (in Couchbase.Lite.dll) Version: 2.0.0-b0713
public enum CouchbaseLiteError
  Member nameValueDescription
AssertionFailed1 Internal assertion failure
Unimplemented2 An unimplemented API call
UnsupportedEncryption3 Unsupported encryption algorithm
BadRevisionID4 An invalid revision ID was attempted to be used to insert a document (usually because of an invalid revision ID written directly into Sync Gateway via the REST API)
CorruptRevisionData5 Revision contains corrupted/unreadable data
NotOpen6 Database/KeyStore is not open
NotFound7 Document not found
Conflict8 Document update conflict
InvalidParameter9 Invalid function parameter or struct value
UnexpectedError10 Internal unexpected C++ exception
CantOpenFile11 Database file can't be opened; may not exist
IOError12 File I/O error
MemoryError13 Memory allocation failed (out of memory?)
NotWriteable14 File is not writeable
CorruptData15 Data is corrupted
Busy16 Database is busy / locked
NotInTransaction17 Function cannot be called while in a transaction
TransactionNotClosed18 Database can't be closed while a transaction is open
Unsupported19 Operation not supported on this database
UnreadableDatabase20 File is not a database or encryption key is wrong
WrongFormat21 Database exists but not in the format/storage requested
Crypto22 Encryption / Decryption error
InvalidQuery23 Invalid query
MissingIndex24 No such index, or query requires a nonexistent index
InvalidQueryParam25 Unknown query param name, or param number out of range
RemoteError26 Unknown error from remote server
DatabaseTooOld27 Database file format is older than what I can open
DatabaseTooNew28 Database file format is newer than what I can open
BadDocID29 Invalid document ID
CantUpgradeDatabase30 Database can't be upgraded (might be unsupported dev version)
NetworkBase5000 Not an actual error, but serves as the lower bound for network related errors
DNSFailure5001 DNS Lookup failed
UnknownHost5002 DNS server doesn't know the hostname
Timeout5003 Socket timeout during an operation
InvalidUrl5004 The provided URL is not valid
TooManyRedirects5005 Too many HTTP redirects for the HTTP client to handle
TLSHandshakeFailed5006 Failure during TLS handshake process
TLSCertExpired5007 The provided TLS certificate has expired
TLSCertUntrusted5008 Cert isn't trusted for other reason
TLSClientCertRequired5009 A required client certificate was not provided
TLSClientCertRejected5010 Client certificate was rejected by the server
TLSCertUnknownRoot5011 Self-signed cert, or unknow anchor cert
InvalidRedirect5012 The client was redirected to an invalid location by the server
HTTPBase10000 Not an actual error, but serves as the lower bound for HTTP related errors
HTTPAuthRequired10401 Missing or incorrect user authentication
HTTPForbidden10403 User doesn't have permission to access resource
HTTPNotFound10404 Resource not found
HTTPProxyAuthRequired10407 HTTP proxy requires authentication
HTTPConflict10409 Update conflict
HTTPEntityTooLarge10413 Data is too large to upload
HTTPInternalServerError10500 Something's wrong with the server
HTTPNotImplemented10501 Unimplemented server functionality
HTTPServiceUnavailable10503 Service is down temporarily
WebSocketBase11000 Not an actual error, but serves as the lower bound for WebSocket related errors
WebSocketGoingAway11001 Peer has to close, e.g. because host app is quitting
WebSocketProtocolError11002 Protocol violation: invalid framing data
WebSocketDataError11003 Message payload cannot be handled
WebSocketAbnormalClose11006 TCP socket closed unexpectedly
WebSocketBadMessageFormat11007 Unparseable WebSocket message
WebSocketPolicyError11008 Message violated unspecified policy
WebSocketMessageTooBig11009 Message is too large for peer to handle
WebSocketMissingExtension11010 Peer doesn't provide a necessary extension
WebSocketCantFulfill11011 Can't fulfill request due to "unexpected condition"
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