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LogLevel Enumeration

Defines the Couchbase Lite log verbosity levels. The default level is Warning.

Namespace:  Couchbase.Lite.Logging
Assembly:  Couchbase.Lite (in Couchbase.Lite.dll) Version: 2.1.0-b0232
public enum LogLevel
  Member nameValueDescription
Debug0 Debug log messages, only present in debug builds. Information useful for development.
Verbose1 Verbose log messages. Additional information to help track down a problem, but noisy in every day use.
Info2 Informational log messages. Standard messages that indicate what is happening.
Warning3 Warning log messages, useful to look at if a problem is detected, but not necessarily indicative of a problem on their own.
Error4 Error log messages. These indicate immediate errors that need to be addressed.
None5 Log level for disabling a given domain
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