Class C4QueryEnumerator

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    public class C4QueryEnumerator
    extends C4NativePeer
    C4QueryEnumerator A query result enumerator Created by c4db_query. Must be freed with c4queryenum_free. The fields of this struct represent the current matched index row. They are valid until the next call to c4queryenum_next or c4queryenum_free.
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      • getColumns

        public FLArrayIterator getColumns()
        FLArrayIterator columns The columns of this result, in the same order as in the query's `WHAT` clause. NOTE: FLArrayIterator is member variable of C4QueryEnumerator. Not necessary to release.
      • getMissingColumns

        public long getMissingColumns()
        Returns a bitmap in which a 1 bit represents a column whose value is MISSING. This is how you tell a missing property value from a value that is JSON 'null', since the value in the `columns` array will be a Fleece `null` either way.
      • copy

        public C4QueryEnumerator copy()
        Returns a new Java instance referring to the same underlying C object.
        the Java-level copy
      • close

        public void close()