Class MutableDictionary

All Implemented Interfaces:
DictionaryInterface, com.couchbase.lite.internal.fleece.FLEncodable, MutableDictionaryInterface, Iterable<String>

public final class MutableDictionary extends Dictionary implements MutableDictionaryInterface
Mutable access to dictionary data.
  • Constructor Details

    • MutableDictionary

      public MutableDictionary()
      Construct a new empty Dictionary object.
    • MutableDictionary

      public MutableDictionary(@NonNull Map<String,Object> data)
      Creates a new MutableDictionary with content from the passed Map. Allowed value types are List, Date, Map, Number, null, String, Array, Blob, and Dictionary. If present, Lists, Maps and Dictionaries may contain only the above types.
      data - the dictionary content map.
    • MutableDictionary

      public MutableDictionary(@NonNull String json)
      Creates a new MutableDictionary with content from the passed JSON string.
      json - the dictionary content as a JSON string.
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