Interface DictionaryInterface

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
Dictionary, Document, MutableDictionary, MutableDocument, Result

@Internal("This interface is not part of the public API") public interface DictionaryInterface
This is an internal interface and not part of the public API.
  • Method Details

    • count

      int count()
    • contains

      boolean contains(@NonNull String key)
    • getInt

      int getInt(@NonNull String key)
    • getLong

      long getLong(@NonNull String key)
    • getFloat

      float getFloat(@NonNull String key)
    • getDouble

      double getDouble(@NonNull String key)
    • getBoolean

      boolean getBoolean(@NonNull String key)
    • getNumber

      @Nullable Number getNumber(@NonNull String key)
    • getString

      @Nullable String getString(@NonNull String key)
    • getDate

      @Nullable Date getDate(@NonNull String key)
    • getBlob

      @Nullable Blob getBlob(@NonNull String key)
    • getArray

      @Nullable ArrayInterface getArray(@NonNull String key)
    • getDictionary

      @Nullable DictionaryInterface getDictionary(@NonNull String key)
    • getValue

      @Nullable Object getValue(@NonNull String key)
    • getKeys

      @NonNull List<String> getKeys()
    • toMap

      @NonNull Map<String,Object> toMap()
    • toJSON

      @Nullable String toJSON()