Couchbase C Client  3.2.0
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase

Detailed Description

Remove documents.


lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_status (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_error_context (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp, const lcb_KEY_VALUE_ERROR_CONTEXT **ctx)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_cookie (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp, void **cookie)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_cas (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp, uint64_t *cas)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_key (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp, const char **key, size_t *key_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respremove_mutation_token (const lcb_RESPREMOVE *resp, lcb_MUTATION_TOKEN *token)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_create (lcb_CMDREMOVE **cmd)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_destroy (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_parent_span (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, lcbtrace_SPAN *span)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_collection (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, const char *scope, size_t scope_len, const char *collection, size_t collection_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_key (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, const char *key, size_t key_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_cas (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, uint64_t cas)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_durability (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, lcb_DURABILITY_LEVEL level)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdremove_timeout (lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd, uint32_t timeout)
lcb_STATUS lcb_remove (lcb_INSTANCE *instance, void *cookie, const lcb_CMDREMOVE *cmd)


typedef struct lcb_RESPREMOVE_ lcb_RESPREMOVE
 Spool a removal of an item. More...
typedef struct lcb_CMDREMOVE_ lcb_CMDREMOVE

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct lcb_RESPREMOVE_ lcb_RESPREMOVE

Spool a removal of an item.

instancethe handle
cookiepointer to associate with the request
cmdthe command
LCB_SUCCESS on success, other code on failure

### Request

lcb_CMDREMOVE* cmd;
lcb_cmdremove_key(cmd, "deleteme", strlen("deleteme"));
lcb_remove(instance, cookie, &cmd);

### Response

lcb_install_callback(instance, LCB_CALLBACK_REMOVE, rm_callback);
void rm_callback(lcb_INSTANCE *instance, int cbtype, const lcb_RESPBASE *rb)
const lcb_RESPREMOVE* resp = (const lcb_RESPREMOVE*)rb;
char* key;
size_t key_len;
lcb_STATUS rc = lcb_respremove_status(resp);
lcb_respremove_key(resp, &key, &key_len);
printf("Key: %.*s...", key_len, key);
if (rc != LCB_SUCCESS) {
printf("Failed to remove item!: %s\n", lcb_strerror_short(rc));
} else {
printf("Removed item!\n");

The following operation-specific error codes are returned in the callback

  • ::LCB_ERR_DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND if the key does not exist
  • ::LCB_ERR_DOCUMENT_EXISTS if the CAS was specified and it does not match the CAS on the server
  • ::LCB_ERR_DOCUMENT_EXISTS if the item was locked and no CAS (or an incorrect CAS) was specified.