Couchbase C Client  3.3.10
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
auth.h File Reference

Credentials store for Couchbase. More...

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typedef struct lcb_AUTHENTICATOR_Cdummy lcb_AUTHENTICATOR
typedef struct lcbauth_CREDENTIALS_ lcbauth_CREDENTIALS


enum  lcbauth_ADDPASSFLAGS
 Flags to use when adding a new set of credentials to lcbauth_add_pass. More...
enum  lcbauth_RESULT
 Result could be used to notify the library that credentials cannot be resolved (e.g. More...
enum  lcbauth_SERVICE
enum  lcbauth_REASON
 Reason, why the library requests credentials.
enum  lcbauth_MODE


lcb_AUTHENTICATORlcbauth_new (void)
lcb_STATUS lcbauth_add_pass (lcb_AUTHENTICATOR *auth, const char *user, const char *pass, int flags)
void lcbauth_ref (lcb_AUTHENTICATOR *auth)
void lcbauth_unref (lcb_AUTHENTICATOR *auth)
lcb_AUTHENTICATORlcbauth_clone (const lcb_AUTHENTICATOR *src)
lcb_STATUS lcbauth_set_mode (lcb_AUTHENTICATOR *src, lcbauth_MODE mode)

Detailed Description

Credentials store for Couchbase.