Couchbase C Client  3.3.5
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
cntl-private.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  lcb_cntl_server_t
 Information describing the server. More...
struct  lcb_cntl_iops_info_st
 Information about the I/O plugin. More...
struct  lcb_cntl_rdballocfactory
 Structure being used because function pointers can't technically be cast to void*. More...
struct  lcb_cntl_server_t.v.v1
 Current information here. More...


 Get information about a memcached node.
 Get information about the configuration node.
 Get the default IOPS types for this build.
 Set the nodes for the HTTP provider.
 Set the nodes for the CCCP provider.
 Reinitialize the instance using a connection string.
 Set the allocator factory used by libcouchbase.
 Persist heuristic vbucket information across updates.
 This is a collection of various options which sacrifice data safety for speed.
 Disable or enable Nagle's algorithm.
 Get the lcb_HISTOGRAM object for key-value timings.
 Do not use fast-forward map from cluster configuration.
 Do not wait for GET_CLUSTER_CONFIG request to finish in lcb_wait(), when it is the only request in retry queue.
 N1QL grace period This is time interval that will be added to I/O timeout of N1QL queries to amortize time spent on LCB time during request handing.


typedef struct rdb_ALLOCATOR *(* lcb_RDBALLOCFACTORY) (void)