Class CoreContext

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EndpointContext, IoContext, NodeContext, ObserveContext, RequestContext, ServiceContext

public class CoreContext extends AbstractContext
The CoreContext is bound to a core and provides both exportable and usable state for the rest of the application to use.
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    • id

      public long id()
      A (app local) unique ID per core instance.
    • environment

      public CoreEnvironment environment()
      The attached environment for this core.
    • alternateAddress

      public Optional<String> alternateAddress()
      Returns the alternate address identifier, if present.
    • authenticator

      public Authenticator authenticator()
      Returns the authenticator used for this core.
    • alternateAddress

      @Internal public CoreContext alternateAddress(Optional<String> alternateAddress)
      Sets the alternate address on this context.

      This is internal API and will alter the behavior of the system. Do not call this API if you are not 100% sure what you are doing!

      alternateAddress - the alternate address identifier, or empty if none available.
      the same CoreContext for chaining purposes.
    • core

      public Core core()
      Returns the core to which this context belongs.
    • injectExportableParams

      public void injectExportableParams(Map<String,Object> input)
      Description copied from class: AbstractContext
      This method needs to be implemented by the actual context implementations to inject the params they need for exporting.
      injectExportableParams in class AbstractContext
      input - pass exportable params in here.